Archives: Even AT&T liked cheesy '80s music

1986 "rock-fueled" video gets people pumped up about phones

Here's another golden gem from the AT&T archives - a 1986 video meant to pump up customers and employees of AT&T, which asked them to make "The Right Choice." If you're a fan of rockin' '80s guitar riffs and happy people talking on the phone (and honestly, who isn't?), you have to watch this video clip:

AT&T says the campaign was related to the 1984 divestiture of AT&T, in which the company now faced more competition for customers.

"This film, a rock-fueled corporate music video, serves as both a get-your-employees-fired-up motivational film AND promotion for the state of the company. AT&T kept its new slogan until 1993, when the 'You Will' campaign was initiated. That same year, AT&T moved its long distance advertising from [N.W. Ayer] to a new agency."

In addition to the "awesome" '80s guitar riffs, the video featured a bunch of happy people talking on the phone, which I think we all take for granted these days -- seriously, when was the last time you were happy when your phone (or cell phone) rang?. I also liked how the video showed off some of the other technologies that AT&T was working on, including computers - there's a clip of the happy family opening a giant box with the AT&T logo on it - I kind of wish they showed me what was inside that box - was it a giant PC? A humongous answering machine? A time machine? We may never know.

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