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Preliminary Results

Based on these three criteria, I feel that SoundHound provides the fastest and most reliable results, with Shazam Encore very close behind. MusicID with Lyrics and MusicDNA ID came in a distant third and fourth, respectively, primarily due to their poor performance in noisy environments.

In addition, depending on where your interests lie, the following features might also be important to you.

Depth: All the apps vary in the amount of information they provide, but none of them come close to the massive amount of data that SoundHound produces (although I think it could be presented more succinctly). Not surprising, its cousin, Hound, comes in a close second while Shazam Encore provides a nice, well organized balance of useful information. MusicID with Lyrics is less complete and MusicDNA ID provides little beyond the song title, artist and album.

Discovery: These days, one can discover new music via apps like Pandora and Spotify by keying into songs that other users of those services are listening to. Similarly, with a large number of people using these apps to identify music thats playing around them, their developers have a wealth of data coming into their servers, which could be interesting when analyzed and fed back to their users. No question, SoundHound is the undisputed king of music discovery by providing such trends in a multitude of categories in addition to providing links to Pandora and Spotify. Shazam Encore also links to those services and, along with MusicID with Lyrics, provides related songs and some limited popularity trends. Hound provides a list of similar artists, while MusicDNA provides nothing beyond iTunes and concert links.

Sharing: For those who want to post songs theyve identified to Twitter or Facebook, SoundHound, Hound and Shazam all provide that capability, but I give Shazam the edge here since it also lets users of the app follow one another. MusicID with Lyrics and MusicDNA trail the pack by providing only email-based sharing.

Lyrics: Every app except MusicDNA ID provides some type of song lyrics. Of those, all of them can supply simple lyric sheets, but Shazam Encore, SoundHound , and Hound are in a three-way tie due to their ability to present lyrics that scroll automatically in time to the music.

Final Verdict

Overall, SoundHound earns the title due to its speed, reliability, massive information library, and broad sharing options. Shazam Encore is a solid second place finisher with Hound in the middle of the pack. The other apps trailed farther behind, with MusicID with Lyrics coming in a distant fourth and MusicDNA ID, with its spartan set of features and sketchy performance, barely finishing the race.

All ratings aside, if youre searching for a free solution to your music identification problem, theres no need to limit your choices since all three paid apps in this group: SoundHound , Shazam Encore, and MusicID with Lyrics have free counterparts (SoundHound, Shazam and MusicID+) that provide nearly all the same features as their paid siblings. And the iPad version of Shazam offers similar features to Shazam Encore, but its free and optimized for Apples tablet.

So, regardless of your budget, its easy to have one of these music ID/lyrics apps handy so that youll never need to worry about finding yourself struggling to remember the name of that song by that guyyou know, the one that goes dah dah dah doo?.

Brian Beam is a musician, software designer and partner with web development firm BOLD Internet Solutions, living somewhere near Kansas City.

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