Physics Friday: The energy of Olympic tossers

Who ya got: Hammer thrower, Shotputter, Discus thrower or Javelin Guy?

Over at the Olympics as part of a YouTube Partner crew making videos at the Olympics, "MinutePhysics" guy chimes in with this gem exploring the physics of the art of throwing large things (timely since the track & field events are just about to begin).


In the video, he asks which of the four events (discus, javelin, hammer throw or shot-put) produces the most energy from the throw, since it's easier to determine which one can be thrown the greatest distance.

And apologies to any U.K. readers who may have stumbled into this article based on my headline - in this case I'm referring to "tosser" as someone who throws thing, not the other slang word that you may have thought (but it got you to click, right?)

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