Adobe releases 'Source Sans Pro' font to open source

Credit: flick/midiman

Adobe font designer Paul D. Hunt blogged yesterday on the release of a new font family, including the source material, released free to the open source world.

Quality fonts are greatly appreciated, and used widely, but the open source software community. Two examples from Ars Technica include "Google’s Roboto font and Canonical’s Ubuntu font." Source Sans Pro appeared in a prelim version in an open source code editor for HTML5 released by Adobe.

Hunt's blog lists other Adobe contributions to the open source world, as well as the inspirational background for Source Sans Pro. The font will soon be integrated into Google Documents and Presentations. Multiple Western and Eastern European languages are supported, as is Navaho.

Thanks, Paul and Adobe

Hope this is only the first one of a lot more open source fonts to come! Also, congrats for making not only the fonts, but the source code available as well.

Pablo Impallari on

This is really cool, since I love adobe's fonts for some weird reason.

adronbudows on

Source Sans Pro is a dead ringer for Microsoft's beautiful Segoe UI. This is a great move by Adobe. The Open Source world now has an equivalent for Segoe UI. Web designers rejoice!

petilon on

Font notes

I too just want to say thanks. Six-weights is nice variety for the font. Nice Work

MN Web Design on

is it possible to have some like inline style to put those in a serifed font so it doesn't look like you typed the same character twice?

QuesoLoco on

Not a bad News Gothic descendent at all. It takes News Gothic's structural personality and adds a bit of Frutiger's humanism.

morenjorck on

Open enough?

Sadly AFDKO is not open, meaning that those who prefer not to use proprietary software cannot contribute and the fonts cannot be included in Linux distros that build from source

foo on

To the people complaining about kerning: so go fix it! That's (part of) the point of it being open source.

Galeran on

The restriction on "not sold by themselves" would seem to be a violation of the "No Restriction on Fields of Endeavor" requirement. But it's close.

ajross on

If you're a font geek, tell us how excited you are about Source Sans Pro.

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