Did RIM give the Indian government their encryption keys?

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Research In Motion has been battling the Indian government for four years. Did they finally give in, or reach a compromise?

The India Times headline clearly says, "BlackBerry maker Research in Motion agrees to hand over its encryption keys to India." A demonstration proved messages and emails between Blackberry handsets are provided to Indian security agencies in a readable format. Corporate messages are also decrypted.

Not so fast, says CrackBerry's article, "No, RIM hasn't handed their BES encryption keys over to India." RIM has said for years there is no back door. CrackBerry quotes RIM: "RIM cannot access information encrypted through BlackBerry Enterprise Server as RIM is not ever in possession of the encryption keys." The added dimension seems to be Verint, a third party security firm that may have the keys, or claim to.

RIM still secure

The title should say that RIM hasn't handed the BES keys to India, because those are on the enterprise customer's own servers.

my.usernamegoeshere on crackberry.com

RIM has been saying the same thing for years, that it "does not have the ability to provide its customers’ encryption keys"

technisidr on news.ycombinator.com

From what I read, the Verint solution has the technical ability to access BES if the right permissions exist, just like a locksmith can get into your car but shouldn't if you're not around.

mikelcal on crackberry.com

RIM broken

Congrats to the Indian Government.

Tilak on indiatimes.com

Privacy of general users is attacked. Bye Bye BBM !

monsieur on indiatimes.com

Just goes to show that you shouldn't trust any company who claims to be on your side w.r.t. encryption. If you want security, do the encryption yourself.

rmc on news.ycombinator.com

The reason our company saddles middle managers with Blackberrys is the no-brain encryption. Some of us travel to India. There goes more market share for RIM.

sverige on news.ycombinator.com


Even now BB has only agreed to provide a solution made by a third party and not their codes. Hence it is just an eyewash and nothing more.

Thyagarajan Venkatraman on indiatimes.com

Security is the bread n butter of RIM so RIM should not give up ever. Just like swiss accounts, used by special people for specai purpose.

BBNation on crackberry.com

Who do you believe, the Indian government or RIM? Or does Blackberry not matter to you anymore?

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