Assassin's Creed III gives sneak peek at colonial naval warfare

Get your sea legs ready for October 2012 game release

With the Gamescom conference approaching, many video game companies are releasing new trailers for their upcoming games. One of the most anticipated games of the fall/holiday season is Assassin's Creed III, and developer Ubisoft has published another trailer for its Colonial America-set game.


This time, there's a twist, however, as we see a two-minute look at naval warfare in the game - something that's never been presented before in the series. It's unknown whether this will be a requirement in the game or just one of the open-world options for your character. But if you enjoy things like swinging your ship around leeward or yelling "Hard to starboard! Load the cannons!", then this clip is for you.

The game comes out in late October 2012, so we'll likely see some more trailers before the game ships to see whether naval combat will be a requirement, a cut-scene or just an option for would-be assassin pirates.

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