Julia Child gets the PBS auto-tune remix treatment

Watch Julia sing about the joy of cooking

The PBS Digital Studios juggernaut of remixing some of their classic hosts continues - this time, with Julia Child, which I predicted a few weeks ago when writing about their Bob Ross remix.


In honor of what would have been Child's 100th birthday, PBS has created a remix video featuring the famous French Chef.

This video is the third in their remix series - their first one featured Mister Rogers, which currently has 6.2 million views. Their second one, with Bob Ross, achieved 2.5 million views. I'm sure that this will pass 1 million views in no time.

And since I was so good at predicting Julia Child as the next remix subject, I'll take a crack at another one - how about either Bob Vila from This Old House, or Alistair Cooke from Masterpiece Theater.

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