McAfee offers Social Protection to make Facebook photos more private

Credit: flick/William Brawley

Facebook photos have a bad habit of showing up on the wrong pages. McAfee's new Social Protection software will make you the blur.

If you trust Facebook to keep photos private, your naivete will be your undoing. One friend who has access to "those" party photos and puts one on her page means the world can see you doing "that" while "hammered" or worse. Or Facebook can change their privacy rules again, making public what used to be private.

So McAfee, working with corporate owner Intel's Brazil developers, announced a Facebook app called Social Protection (cnet). Not only will the app blur faces beyond recognition, it will prevent others from downloading the photos as well. The trick? Your friends must download the app to their browser to "de-blur" the photos. If it works, "that photo" will be safe from all except your BFFs.


Considering all the invenstment in Intagram and other image focused application, isn’t FB contradicting itself?

Miray Kaymaz on

Preventing anyone from downloading or taking screenshots seems like a good idea… But dont feel the same about the idea of downloading the plug in

Manmohan Manu on


Seriously if your eyes can see it, people can capture it.

Tuscan on

Believe me, it might block the "Print Screen" keystroke, but my buddy, "Snipping Tool" that came with my Windows 7 will help me take snapshot of the picture without pressing any buttons.

Vitaliy_Russian on

Actually, the technology does prevent the Print Screen button from working -- if you press Print Screen, the image (in fact, the entire window) will not be captured. The Windows Snipping Tool also does not work.

Sarah Jacobsson Purewal on

Did The Onion start to make fake product releases?

Sebastian Gard on

Not for me

I can’t think of one single friend I have on Facebook that has pictures worth this much effort to view.

Sarah Andrewson on

Honestly, if any of my Facebook friends installed that, I probably just wouldn't look at their pictures. I like the concept, but I don't like having to download a plug-in just to view photos on Facebook. It seems like more trouble than it's worth.

Alpha__13 on

If you have to go to such lengths, don't post it.

Gnostradamus on

Meh. If you want privacy, get off of Facebook.

tylerjmccall on

If you came across a McAfee Social Protection modified photo, would you: A) download the app to see the photo your friend wants to keep hidden B) click to the next page?

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