It pays to be CIO: corporate jets, private security, car allowances and more

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Nash Finch: $98,147

At $913,505, Cal Sihilling's total compensation is among the lowest in our tally, yet his perks rank among the most valuable. Sihilling, who is executive vice president and CIO at Nash Finch, netted perks worth $98,147. Of that amount, $74,794 is attributed to a company contribution to Nash-Finch's supplemental executive retirement plan. The remainder is unspecified.

Walgreens: $83,995

Tim Theriault, senior vice president and CIO at Walgreens, collected a $2.9 million pay package in 2011. His perks totaled $83,995 and included: $34,311 for dividend equivalents on unvested restricted stock; $19,395 for Walgreens' profit sharing restoration plan; $13,576 for profit sharing retirement plan; $6,717 for term life insurance; and $9,996 in unspecified perquisites and personal benefits

Norfolk Southern: $83,309

As part of her $4 million compensation package from Norfolk Southern, Deb Butler netted $83,309 in perks. Butler, who is executive vice president of planning and CIO at the shipping and transportation company, earned the following extras: $13,302 for company-paid life insurance premiums, $55,089 for company-matched charitable contributions, $5,000 for an annual physical, $975 for use of corporate facilities, $214 in gifts, and $154 for spousal/guest meals and travel.

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