Dish planning broadband service for hard-to-reach customers

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Some regulations need to be settled, but the 8-10 million Americans too far in the boonies for broadband may soon have a new option.

Dish Network, says Bloomberg, will soon market a satellite-based broadband offering powered by corporate sibling EchoStar. Hughes Communications, also part of the family, has been offering broadband satellite for several years, but not Dish Network.

Current satellite capacity will allow Dish to support 2 million new customers, most likely with a 5Mbps offering. A new satellite, EchoStar 17, went up in July, and can support download speeds of 15Mpbs. The company is also applying for approval to start offering mobile Internet and phone service.

Let me tell you

I have a cabin in Northern BC and the hughes dish I own does not need an extra line to upload files.

Muriel_H on

Power line broadband would be the best solution for all North Americans. I've had Hugesnet for years. Lag time is terrible. Threshold is terrible. Cost is terrible.

johntjohnson on


This has "gonna fail" written all over it.

MorganHocking on

I've been a satellite customer for 6 years, dialup until that time. It is very much capped at low levels. The prices are and will be high. Also the pings at a minimum are over 600ms.

NErancher on

It should be noted that latency times for satellites are typically well over 500 milliseconds due to the distance the signal has to travel between the satellite and the dish.

Ken Peters on

Better than nothing

Sadly, cable and/or DSL still aren't an option for some folks, so at least this gives them something.

Dave Hodgins on

I think that's the point, really: better to have internet, even if it is a little crappy, than none at all.

Jamie Condliffe on

Satellite is for people with no other option, look it up and read all the reviews.

NErancher on

If people want internet access, move closer.

daftrok on

Which would you rather have: distance from civilization, or fast Internet access?

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