SCO Group files Chapter 7 while in Chapter 11, wants to keep suing IBM

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SCO, now TSG (The SCO Group) files to move from Chapter 11 to Chapter 7, but wants the court to allow it to maintain current litigation against Linux.

A comprehensive article in Groklaw points out all outstanding debtors will be stiffed with this new filing, including multiple expert witnesses. Most interesting statement: "There is no reasonable chance of rehabilitation." Simplified, "the money is almost all gone, so it's not fun any more."

Chapter 7 requires an outside trustee to come in and take over the process, something SCO has fought in the past. From 2009, The Register's story "SCO threatened with Chapter 7 destruction" now seems prescient. At the time, SCO still hadn't paid Novell the $2.5 million judgment from a counter-suit, and it appears no one will get much more money from SCO.


To IBM: You can't even win an apology, so just throw in all sorts of delays and make them suffer.

Argee on

Microsoft is not handing out money and finally the zombie can be truly dead.

dude on

Bye Bye SCO. Now the execs need to be asset stripped as well.

Anonymous Coward on


Lets just hope some troll Doesn't buy the assets and decide to carry on this stupid saga.

Psymon on

I don't think that this is over. Even if the court does Chapter Seven the company, and kill the TSCOG litigation, someone else will try the same thing. Linux and the other free software projects are hugely valuable, and the scam artists will keep trying to steal them.

Anonymous on

SCO are a laughing stock in the industry and have been pretty much since they switched from writing UNIX applications to waving their tiny todgers around like demented kids in the hope that it would frighten people into capitulating to their ridiculous licensing scam.

Nordrick Framelhammer on

Dragging on

After all these years, I cannot decide if I am being grumpy, cynical or realistic.

Ian Al on

Are those bastards STILL around? Hopefully, not for much longer...

Anonymous Coward on

Good riddance, you 'orrible muppets. How on earth did it take this long?

Altrux on

Anyone have something positive to say in rememberance of SCO? Anyone?

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