Kodak patent purchase offers from Apple, Google far lower than expected

Credit: flick/Patrick Denker

Kodak, trying to emerge from Chapter 11, hoped for $2.6 billion for 1,100 of their patents. Bids so far? $250 million and lower.

Reported in The Wall Street Journal (paywall), the main bidders for Kodak's digital imaging patent portfolio are Apple and Google. However, Apple in June filed claiming they already owned some of the patents. Kodak protested Apple was just trying to delay the auction.

Earlier patent sales generated more income, such as $4.5 billion for Nortel's portfolio first estimated to be worth $900 million. This gives hope to Kodak investors and company management, which wants to maintain the company and continue producing printers.

Kodak just bad luck

Kodak just cannot catch any breaks.

richbrazil on macdailynews.com

Actually Kodak have some patents which are likely unrelated to photography, even digital photography. A few years back, Sun had to settle with Kodak for an undisclosed sum for something pretty basic which Java was (allegedly) infringing upon...

Anonymous Coward on theregister.co.uk

It's not surprising that the bids are low. After all, the ownership of at least some of the patents is still in question.

jragosta on appleinsider.com

Die, Kodak, die

250 million is more than they deserve. Go out of business already Kodak, be gone.

Guy Jones on macdailynews.com

IP and patents should die with the company that they belong to and the ideas become public domain. After all what does a dead company need with such protection?

Anonymous Coward on theregister.co.uk

If this on eBay it will start at 99 cents. No surprise here starting with a low figure.

Splash-reverse on appleinsider.com


I hate to see Kodak die like this. This was once a great and proud company (almost the Apple of there day), unfortunately the sales bozos and the marketing bozos, took over from the product guys and did not react to the coming of digital.

Jeff on macdailynews.com

Ultimately, even in the event of temporary legal setbacks, neither Apple or Google will be the losers. That's where you and I and the rest of us come in.

Anonymous Coward on theregister.co.uk

I predict that Google and the rest of the scam artists, knowing they will lose, will simply raise the bidding price so high that Apple/MSFT will end up overpaying for it rather than letting it fall into the hands of these crooks.

sflocal on appleinsider.com

Do you have a favorite in the Kodak patent wars? Who should win – Apple or Google?

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