Apple retail VP slashes store personnel, then reconsiders

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John Browett, from UK electronics chain Dixons, called stores “too bloated,” and planned to sacrifice customer service for a “few more margin points.”

Overriding staff recommendations, Browett demanded Apple store staff hours be cut. Speculation is that Browett was either trying to make a name for himself by upping the profit numbers, or his cut-rate electronics chain background didn't mesh well with the Apple retail experience.

Browett certainly made a name for himself, as Apple publicly backtracked and boosted staff hours to normal levels. Analysts were surprised at Apple's store dropping service levels in the run-up to the holidays and the new iPhone and iPad releases, since all three events will increase store traffic considerably.

Bye bye Browett

Yep, cut him loose. Apple's business IS customer experience.

Colin Mattson on

John Browett has personally & single-handedly destroyed every single retail operation that he ever touched in the UK, and now he’s bringing his destruction to Apple as well.

Scott on

Anybody in the UK can tell you … from bitter first hand experience that the PC World / Dixons (aka DSG) customer experience is amongst the worst in the UK. on

What would Jobs do?

I'd bet Jobs would never have let that happen. He would have shot that idea down so fast it would have made Browett's head spin.

Greg on

I think he’s trying to get Apple back into having the best employees and not just lots of them and that’s not a horrible thing.

Actual employee on

why on earth would you stop exploiting that great advantage that you have over the competition?



Jeez. I hope Tim Cook kicks his ass into gear. Dixons, PC World etc suck like a Dyson, here in the UK.

Gregz0r on

So the Wal-Martization of Apple has begun. By pushing workers below the 32 hour threshold they do not have to offer full time benefits. One wonders if like Wal -Mart they will show employees how to fill out the applications for public assistance and Medicaid.

DAG on

Looks like Browett needs to go. A penny pincher like him has no place at Apple whose retail is its pride and envy of others. Get back Ron Johnson, he isn’t doing well at JC Penney

Glengeorge on

How do you compare Apple stores to chains like Best Buy and Frys?

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