Giving your goals and aspirations a big Lift

New app vows to push 'envelope of human potential through positive reinforcement'

If you have an iPhone or iPad running iOS 5.0 or newer, Lift promises to help transform your life.

Lift is a start-up dedicated to pushing "the envelope of human potential through positive reinforcement," as explained in this blog post titled "Everything There is To Know About Lift."

The company has just launched a beta version of its app for newer versions of iOS and is seeking beta testers. (You can request a beta invitation here.)

Life relies on an old productivity strategy: Pick a goal, break down the goal into small, achievable steps, and keep track of everything so you can measure your progress.

"We want to eliminate willpower as a factor in achieving goals. Imagine smooth, fun, optimized, self-reinforcing paths for every aspiration," CEO Tony Stubblebine writes in the blog post. "That would qualify as a giant impact on human potential. We think we can turn chores into positive draws."

What Lift adds to the mix are data visualizations that enable users to see their progress, and feedback from a support community.

From the blog post:

The feedback loops above evolved from an idea we had to gamify your life, which is a friendly way of making you as addicted to living a good life as you might be to playing video games or slot machines. We ended up dropping any semblance of gaming because we found the above feedback loops just as powerful and much more flexible.

Imagine the millions of people wasting untold hours of their lives hurling angry birds at thieving pigs or buying pretend livestock for their virtual farms instead using mobile technology to improve themselves physically, financially and emotionally. Could the world handle that?

Lift cautions early users that the beta version "is buggy, incomplete, and may crash on you," which doesn't sound so uplifting, but beta is beta.

Sadly for me, an Android owner, there's no version of Lift yet for Google's mobile platform, so my life must remain unfulfilling for the moment. I shot an email to Tony asking when an Android version will be available and will update this post when I hear back.

I hope it's soon because not only do I want to try the Lift app out, if iOS owners get too big of a head start on fulfilling their potential, they will become even more insufferable.

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