Is Apple screwing with us?

Your favorite fruit company might be developing a new proprietary screw for their devices

Is Apple trying to lock you out of your device?

Last year the hard drive on my 2009 MacBook Pro locked up but good. The machine wouldn’t boot and, when I tried, the drive made a nice loud grinding sound. So, I took it to the Genius Bar where one of the geniuses took about 30 seconds to declare it what I already knew it to be: toast.

He gave me the price they’d charge to replace it; I forget what it was exactly, but it was over $100. Or, he said, I could go to Best Buy, pick up a new drive for, say, $65 and replace it myself - so long as I could use a screwdriver.

No problem, I figured. I use a screwdriver all the time, and it rarely (well, usually) doesn’t result in injury.

The next day I zipped into Best Buy, picked up a new hard drive for just that price and went home to crack open my MacBook and swap out the drive.

By now, many of you have probably guessed where this is going: I didn’t have the right screwdriver to complete the job. In order to remove the mounting screws on the drive I needed a Torx (star) screwdriver (a T6, to be exact), which I certainly didn’t have. Luckily, a coworker had a set (thanks, Doug!) and, once I had the right tool, replacing the drive was, indeed, no problemo.

I mention this now because it appears that Apple may - and that’s a very iffy may - be gearing up to make it harder for us DIYers (or third party Apple repair shops). This picture, recently posted on Reddit, that’s now making the rounds might be a new, proprietary type of screw to be used in Apple hardware.

Or it might not be. Who knows?

This is a completely unsubstantiated rumor. Apple, however, does have a history of creating their own proprietary screws, so would this really be so shocking? What? The company of Steve Jobs being overly controlling? Surely you jest...

I really don't know but, just to be safe, I think I’ll ask that coworker if he has a screwdriver that could turn that screw. It couldn’t hurt. You know, just in case...

What do you think?

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