CameraMator wirelessly tethers your DSLR to iPads and iPhones

CameraMator is a wireless device that lets you preview your DSLR images and control your camera with an iPhone and iPad.

Tethering your camera to a computer has always been a great way to get a closer look at your photographs as you take them. But its a practice thats mainly been restricted to studio photographers because of the need carry around the cumbersome cables, tripods, and a laptop stand.

Usman Rashid of Irvine, California wants to change that by introducing a completely wireless tethering option that lets you connect a DSLR to an iOS contraption. CameraMator lets you take your entire tethered camera system on the go while you preview the images in real time and remotely control the DSLR at the same time.

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The CameraMator itself is a wireless device that attaches itself to your DSLRs hotshoe and the USB connection on your camera body. The CameraMator can either ride on an existing Wi-Fi network or create its own network.

You can launch an app on your iPad, iPhone, or iOS 5 iPod Touch to preview the JPEG version of your pictures. Along with previewing the images, you can also upload them to your device through the CameraMator to edit or share them.

The iOS app also lets you control the DSLR remotely to change the ISO, shutter speed, and aperture controls; activate the remote trigger; set HDR-bracketing, set a self-timer, and use an intervalometer for time-lapsed sequences.

Currently the prototype CameraMator can produce a network with an effective range of 100 feet in a studio and run for about 5-hours of normal usage before it needs to be charges. Usman says that the CameraMator works with most Canon and Nikon DLSRs.

Usman expects to begin a production run of the CameraMator by October of this year and to ship a final product by November. But to get there, he needs backers via Kickstarter.

If you want to get yourself this cool wireless tethering tool, you can still grab one for the special $185 early bird offer; otherwise, its $200 for the entire package.

[Kickstarter via Petapixel]

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