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People are getting tired of constant push messages from mobile device apps.

Frustration? How about this article from TechCrunch: App Developers: Stop Abusing Push! Yes, apps want to keep “engaged” with users, which too often means message after message. But people are feeling nagged, not notified, especially by social media apps screaming about every new Tweet and Facebook status update.

Listing Urban Airship's list of reasons to keep “app engagement” (35 'critical' reasons to interrupt the mobile device owner) leads TechCrunch to comment how few of these reasons are legit. CodeStore has a blog by someone working to get push working. Yes, some apps use push notifications properly, and users appreciate them. But plenty of people are saying enough is enough.


I've been forced to go to extremes and turn off all push notifications from non-critical apps (except Gmail, Spotify, Skype)... way to go entrepreneurs, you've ruined a great tool for all startups in the future.

Christopher Archer on techcrunch.com

the first sign an app is failing is when they start making tons of unnecessary push msg to hit their numbers.

Jason Gurwin on twitter.com

I just hate these stupid notifications. and few apps does a good gob draining battery.

Ritsika Banerjee on techcrunch.com

Problem solved

I don't know why people are complaining. Just don't allow apps you don't trust to send you notifications. It's an opt-in option when the app first launches.

Jay Quiambao on techcrunch.com

I turn ALL push off. Leave me alone apps. It's getting intrusive.

annie chang on twitter.com

Push is a very powerful way to keep users up-to-date; we avoid the potential to be "annoying" by updating mobile apps in the background from server data.

Bill McNaughton on codestore.net


I fail to understand why most game apps should have Push notifications at all.

Pratyush Prasanna on techcrunch.com

Push's should be limited to one a month.

James Heron on twitter.com

Only Apple is allowed to send the message. Therefore Apple provides a framework which could be leveraged by 3rd party applications.

Rene Winkelmeyer on codestore.net

Which push app drives you crazy?

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