Adobe accelerates Creative Cloud releases, augmenting subscription service

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iOS app updates

In September, on a date yet to be announced, Adobe will also release its long-awaited Digital Publishing Suite single edition, which will facilitate the creation of iOS apps directly from InDesign CS6, to be sold in the Apple App Store.

While most of the Adobe Touch applications are now available for iOS, two holdouts will be completely reconfigured, Morris says.

Kuler, a color coordination and theme creation utility that had previously been accessed from Photoshop, and Debut, a presentation and collaboration app already available for Android, are undergoing significant changes. Kuler, designed for graphic artists, lets users create and share themes via their tablet and the cloud. When Adobe is finished with the new Kuler, it will not be an iPad app, "but something more interesting," Morris said. Debut, an interactive communication and demonstration app for designers, will look a lot different than it does as an Android app.

There's no further details yet on what those upgrades will consist of or when those app updates will be released.

Worldwide tour

Finally, Adobe is kicking off a Create the Web tour, a series of live events focusing on HTML5 that will touch down in four cities around the globe, starting next month. The San Francisco event will be streamed live from the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts on September 24. The tour will then proceed to London on October 2, Tokyo on October 9, and Sydney on October 11. Registration begins on August 20 from Adobe's website. "These events will be used to launch a bunch of new stuff from Adobe around HTML5meaning we'll be giving sneak peeks of tools under development, talking about upcoming HTML5 technology, and sharing the technology roadmap to support HTML5 across the board via many tools and technologies and services that Adobe will be delivering over the next few months," Morris said.

Adobe Creative Cloud, regularly $50 per month for individuals, has been available since launch at a discounted price of $30 per month (for a year's subscription) to owners of previous Creative Suite packages. But the deadline for signing up for a year's subscription to Creative Cloud for that discounted price will end on August 31.

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