Girl on cell phone falls in sinkhole

Expect more of these if we all start wearing Google Glasses

One of the big jokes when Google debuted its Google Glasses video was that people would be so distracted by the pop-up messages and other data that they'd walk into the street and get hit by a bus. Well, we don't even need those technological marvels, we just need to be talking on the cell phone.

In this video from China, we see a teen-aged girl on her cell phone when the sidewalk below her collapses, and she falls into a sinkhole.

Granted, this is a really freak accident, and most people who walk and talk can do this without necessarily falling into a hole. But if we're all going to start putting on Google Glasses, not only do we have to worry about not getting hit by a bus, but we need to be on the lookout for sinkholes as well.

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