New Internet Hall of Fame first class includes Al Gore

Credit: REUTERS/Mario Anzuoni

Hall of Fame starts big, with 33 in the initial group of pioneers, innovators, and global connectors. Veep Al is in that last group.

In Geneva for their annual conference, the Internet Society introduced the Hall of Fame as part of their 20th anniversary festivities. Really an awards program, not a building like in Cooperstown or Canton, the Internet HOF will publicly recognize a "select group of visionaries, leaders, and luminaries" who made the Internet what it is today.

Well known names mix with those only insiders appreciate. Vint Cerf, as expected, leads the pioneers group, Tim Berners-Lee of WWW fame is an innovator, and 45th vice president of the United States Al Gore is honored as a global connector for being the first politician to grok the possibilities and writing the High Performance Computing and Communications Act in 1991 to provide key funding for Internet projects.

Honor due

Congratulations to all of these seekers of the new frontier.

Tommyknocker on

I find it ironic that people criticized Al Gore and many did so through the internet. Definitely these people deserve it.

Rayhan Syed on

There are a lot of people who still go by the popular spin of Al Gore "inventing" the internet, even after getting their Computer Science/IT-based degree(s).

Terry M. Brown Jr. on

Names and other names

The biggest omission I see is Richard Stevens. How many of us owe our knowledge of how TCP/IP works to him and his books?

Pirate Dave on

I feel stupid that Torvalds and Gore were the only names I recognized. . .

ah292801 on

Great list, can't help but feel they're inducting too many for just a single year though. Going to run out of genuine entries sharpish if they keep on that road.

Jeebus on

Can't please everyone

Why don't they include the American Taxpayer who has funded 95% of all of it!!!

sikandtired on

>What, no mention of Bill Gates?

He lost out to Al Gore in the swimsuit round.

Anonymous Coward on

Conversely can we have the folks who sponsored SOPA, pictures's hung up above the toilets in the place?

Kellic on

Of 33 in the first class, only three are inducted posthumously. This Hall of Fame is on technology time.

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