Morning countdown: University of Florida nerds receive metaphorical wedgie

Plus: Mac botnet still going strong

  1. Intel's new Ivy Bridge chips debut [ITworld]
  2. Peter Smith: Asus sends $400 Android 4.0 tablet into the world [ITworld]
  3. Brian Proffitt: Reports of Slackware's death have been exaggerated [ITworld]
  4. Dan Tynan: CISPA threatens our First Amendment rights [ITworld]
  5. Microsoft sells AOL patents to Facebook [ITworld]
  6. U.S. to block sale of snooping software to Syria, Iran [ITworld]
  7. Sandra Henry-Stocker: A better way to learn Unix [ITworld]
  8. Kevin Fogarty: Mac botnet might not be shrinking after all [ITworld]
  9. Kevin Purdy: How mobile sites and free games can kill your battery [ITworld]
  10. Sorry, nerds! U. of Florida cuts Computer Science department, redirects funds to sports [ITworld]
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