Want to create a LEGO stop-motion film? There's an app for that

Video clip shows trailer for new Lego animation app

As readers of this blog know, I'm a big fan of stop-motion animation videos, especially when they involve Legos. Now there's an iPhone app that will help you create your own movies. Here's the trailer for the Super Hero Movie Maker for iPhone, by LEGO.

The app is available now on iTunes, and it's free. You still have to provide your own Lego figures and do the time-crushing animation, but it's cool that you can now use your iPhone to create the animations. We'll see what happens as people use this app.

UPDATE: I downloaded the app and created a very quick video with it. The app gives you the ability to create a title card, add some special effects (Instagram-like filters), a music soundtrack and other nice touches, like a grid and onion-skin effect for lining up your next shot. If you were going to go for good animation, I'd suggest putting the iPhone onto a tripod for better stability. You can save the movie to your camera roll, and then upload to YouTube from there (although uploading directly from the app might be nice too).

Here's my video - again, you don't need to use Legos, any old action figure will do.

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