Goodbye websites, hello apps?

Browse eBay and you get the same painful interface. The eBay app, however, works great. This trend is growing.

Jeff Atwood, on Coding Horror, talks about his love for eBay over the years, and how much better the mobile / tablet app has become while the website interface languishes far behind. He then counts the ways apps are better than websites, including being faster, smarter screen design (they have to do a lot with a little), and working offline.

But websites aren't dead, at least not yet. They work with any device with a browser, while apps must be written for each platform. Websites don't update on the device and they don't have to be installed. And, of course, apps need websites for downloads, linking, and marketing. But if websites don't get better, apps may tip the scales in their favor.

Apps aren't that great

Platforms that like to skim off the top make web sites seem more inviting to many companies.

Schaff on

Websites will kill apps. It's only a matter of time.

jerf on

I guess I'm in the minority preferring the website. I look at it and see a large number of features that I would and do use, which aren't present in the app.

Juhani Connolly on

Apps may …

Will Apps Kill Websites? No. Will Apps Kill Webapps? Maybe, and that's a good thing.

Jscipione on

the potential in the mobile market is still off the charts. 10 years from now it will be a different world.

sexkettle on

Totally agree! I never use my desktop anymore.

Sherri on


I think one factor that is missed is "A good app might kill a bad website", and a "bad app won't kill a good website".

tz on

I think you are beginning to see a convergence where websites will look and act more like apps and apps will be coded more often in HTML5.

ilaksh on

Another thing that will drive migration to web based applications is that selling a subscription is far more lucrative than selling a piece of software for a fixed amount.

jacquesm on

To programmers, this means another technology to learn, but more revenue opportunities. Just another day in coding world.

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