iTunes on Windows: the idiot brother in a genius family

Yes, iTunes revolutionized online music. So why, after 11 years, does iTunes still suck on Windows?

That's the argument made by Troy Hunt in his post, "10 graphic examples of the abomination that is iTunes on Windows." Not just a rant, but an illustrated rant. An informed rant, after using and testing Windows iTunes over various PCs with generous amounts of RAM, horsepower, and even solid state disks. All this, and still no joy.

Complaints range from hanging to crashing to double listings of purchased items to trouble syncing his iPod Nano to network issues and the now-constant drain on system resources to support wireless sync in iOS 5. And the need to reboot the system after every tiny software update? That's irritating as well.

Slicing Apple

So much for Apple leading "ease of use", at least with iTunes.

Clint326 on

The one I love is when I create a playlist, verify it has songs in it (on iTunes), sync my iPod and the playlist is empty. Completely empty.

kprobst on

it is unbelievably slow and quirky and tends to freeze constantly. For a company that makes incredible UIs, this thing is an embarrassment.

SpoofyChop on

Their software sucks. Plain down right sucks. I love using apple hardware but I can't stand any software made by them. (See: Xcode, Itunes, Safari)

ntkachov on

Which is why I have been using MediaMonkey as much as I can with my iPhone, iPad, and iPod.

uslic001 on

In my case

I use iTunes on a Mac. I get lots of hangs (although it's spinning beach ball for Mac); continual cryptic sync errors with iPhone only fixed by reseting phone, and long delays on plugging in hardware.

David Tchepak on

I really don't have any problems with iTunes on my PC. I have about a 70 gig collection.

Vesper on

I have ZERO problems on my Windows 7 PC I built 2 years ago.

meanJim on

Slamming Windows

Oh, this guy's on Windows, I see the problem right there.

Floris on

If you use Windows, Apple secretly hates you.

rollypolly on

Don't write off Hunt as some "idiot Windows user." He's a software architect, Microsoft MVP, and computer security expert.

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