Google Drive video campaign includes Hall & Oates - um, what?

Company wants everyone to "Go Google" with series of promo clips

You probably heard already today that Google launched its Google Drive service, entering the world of online storage and collaboration. Along with the launch, Google's official YouTube channel posted a bunch of new videos to help you figure out the service.

This first one is an announcement about Google Drive, the 50,000-foot view with nice graphics and music:

In this second video, we get more of a "how to" video, showing users how to use the Google Drive service with their browser, computer, smartphone, etc.

Then we get this odd video promo, which plays the Hall & Oates song "Maneater" and shows collaboration between two people (for example, two songwriters) as they try to come up with the perfect lyric. Ummm, OK.

Finally, we get another "Go Google" video, highlighting how Gmail is "now your all-in-one communication hub, with email, video chat and the ability to make phone calls right from your inbox." It's rather humorous, especially the video chat component:

Google has a "Gone Google" site that explains more - the interesting part about a lot of this is that it assumes everyone you know has bought into the Google-verse - when in fact I still have tons of friends who still don't have a Google account, whether for Gmail, YouTube or their other services. This seems very cool for people within the Google-verse, I'm not sure if Google is doing enough to try to get others to jump in the Google pool.

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