Japanese show off battery-powered portable X-ray machine

Device can be used in disasters, remote areas, in-home healthcare situations

At first glance, when I heard the term "battery powered portable X-ray machine," I thought of someone wearing this on their back to take X-rays of injured athletes on the field, or other such nonsense. Like a super-hero, "X-ray Man" could save the day. But there are more important uses for this device, such as the ability for medical and emergency crews to take x-rays in disaster areas if the power is out, or for use in remote villages that don't have reliable power supplies, or even for use with in-home healthcare services.

The video comes from DigInfo News - head here for more details on the device.

Still, you gotta admit - X-ray Man does have a nice ring to it (as long as you can wear a lead costume).

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