Wi-Fi-blocking wallpaper keeps your signal in, intruders out

New Wallpaper created by French scientists hopes to solve your problems by blocking Wi-Fi signals.

French scientists have created a they of wallpaper that can block Wi-Fi signal, meaning you can boost your network security and redecorate all in one go.

The prototype paper, created by researchers at Grenoble's Institute of Technology, is made up of special patterns of silver crystals that were created in such a way that block the frequencies used by Wi-Fi routers.

Of course, the actual need and demand for such a style of wallpaper may not be huge, as for the majority of people a password-protected Wi-Fi network will no doubt be just fine. Not only that, but if you were to decorate using this wallpaper in one of your roooms, you would be limiting yourself from using the wireless network within any other rooms of your home. That kind of defeats the whole purpose of wireless--why use this when you could just use an ethernet cable?

Despite the obvious questionable practically behind this wallpaper, it is still clever. Grenoble researcher Pierre Lemaitre-Auger said that wireless networks can be cracked easily by those crafty enough, adding that with this wallpaper on office or apartment walls "your wifi works will but it can not be hacked".

Designed in partnership with the Centre Technique du Papier, this unique Wi-Fi-blocking wallpaper could be made available comercially early next year, with a rather vague mid-range price point said to be "resonable" yet cheaper than previous efforts.

If this wallpaper does see a general release, we think it will be perfect for those particulary nervous paranoid types.

Oh, and you really should put a password on your Wi-Fi network. Just saying...

[via L'Informaticien, Gizmodo]

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