Want a toaster-refrigerator? Apple says no.

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Apple CEO Tim Cook says users don't really want a laptop-tablet hybrid, calls it a "toaster and a refrigerator" hybrid.

Since Cook was on his first quarter earnings call detailing how profits nearly doubled from a year ago, he may feel he has a good grip on what the market wants. And Apple's profit came partially from strong iPad sales, so keeping that revenue stream separate from their MacBook sales success (and attendant profits) may be top of mind. Apple has sold 67 million iPads since their release.

But does the market agree with Cook? Intel has seeded the market with their Ultrabook specifications, and products are coming. Some of those products have reversible screens to work as both laptops and tablets, like the announced Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga, and more will appear with Windows 8. Besides, doesn't the surge of tablet cases that include keyboards tell Tim Cook people do want both tablet and keyboard functionality?

Apple is right

Voice recognition will make the keyboard a relic....Siri on steroids

rpasea on pcmag.com

The tablet/laptop hybrid sounds a lot like an all-in-one printer/fax/copier, great in theory, terrible in practice.

Cameron Lowell Palmer on time.com

25 billion app downloads and counting...

tyler82 on appleinsider.com

very few will buy the W8 intel slates. no matter what MS does, none of the major third party software is ready for its touch UI.

Alfiejr on appleinsider.com

Maybe not

I would be the first to buy an iLapTab.

Al_Kilo on time.com

I think Cook is wrong, there s a demand for an iPad / Air converged product.

smxp on appleinsider.com

Wrong, wrong, wrong

Have fun typing out the next Great American Novel on that virtual keyboard, buddy.

Akhet on pcmag.com

And a toaster and a fridge.... He just sounds like a moron

Brad on time.com

Like combining a Fridge and Freezer. We shall see.

Matthew R on pcmag.com

The touchscreen laptop has been a dream for us for years. using the iPad and the laptop works, but I'd rather have them combined.

teknik1200 on time.com

Clever Microsoft response from Frank Shaw: "It's not a toaster/fridge. It's a toaster/oven. Those seem pretty popular."

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