Jimmy Wales outlines death of Hollywood

Jimmy Wales
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Wales, founder of Wikipedia, predicts collaborative storytelling will do to Hollywood what he did to Encyclopedia Britannica.

Speaking at the Internet Society's meeting in Geneva, Wales predicted Hollywood will be ruined not by pirates, but by users creating their own content (movies) like they created the content in Wikipedia. In other words, working together to achieve a common goal. He cites as an example his 12 year old daughter, adept at iMovie and winner of a local award for a short film.

While few believe Hollywood is quaking at the thought of 12 year old girls and iMovie, the industry seems to focus only on piracy as a problem. Online infringement may cost the studios some money, but if enough 12 year old girls grow up with skills and funding from places like Kickstarter, Hollywood will not see that threat coming. The encyclopedia business didn't see Wikipedia coming, and they have been completely disrupted.

Excellent points

I do expect that Mr. Wales is right on one count at least: maybe we can all look forward to a new breed of "indy" films that are produced collaboratively just as he suggests. That could be interesting.

Sofa King on wired.com

What's different nowadays, and what I believe Wales was talking about, is that distribution models are changing such that creatives won't need the big studios in the near future for every project.

Baldaur Regis on techdirt.com

Louis CK has demonstrated a successful distribution model, which has been a major hurdle to this point. We may now see the floodgates open for smaller productions.

EJacob Cornelius on wired.com

Excellent points, but …

It won't be piracy OR collaborative movies that will kill Hollywood. It will be Boring, predictable story lines, cliche after cliche, boring characters and mundane, goofy and unintelligent dialogue. (John Carter?)

Cy12 on wired.com

You're confusing collaboration with work. Holding a boom mic isn't the same as making script edits or casting decisions. Movie catering people don't put "collaborated to make the movie Star Trek" on their resume.

MrWilson on techdirt.com

Encyclopedias =/= Entertainment.

Kent on wired.com

No love for Hollywood or pirates

No one is loyal to hollywood. LOL I certainly won't miss em.

tinker_thinker on wired.com

A friend makes a critically acclaimed iphone game, charges 69p for it, with four other developers. There were around 250 000 pirated copies, a proportion of which couldn't afford that I'm sure, and a proportion that chose not to.

swisstony on guardian.co.uk

If only there was a torrent for water and electricity, I'd have that too...

Gruffo1 on guardian.co.uk

What do you consider the most important point in the comments? Creating content, or finding new ways to distribute that content? Leave your comment below.

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