Morning countdown: Privacy problems aren't with Google, but with the cloud

Plus: Researcher makes an Oracle oopsie

  1. Brian Proffitt: LibreOffice smug about its growing lead over OpenOffice [ITworld]
  2. Dropbox responds to Google Drive by offering more free image storage [ITworld]
  3. Researcher accidentally exposes unpatched Oracle vulnerability [ITworld]
  4. Russian cybercrime market doubled in 2011 [ITworld]
  5. Kevin Fogarty: Best-selling Android tablet isn't even a tablet [ITworld]
  6. Keith Shaw: Walden Pond video game needs more violence [ITworld]
  7. Wikipedia founder predicts death of Hollywood [ITworld]
  8. Privacy complaints about Google Drive also apply to all other cloud storage offerings [ITworld]
  9. U.S. government moving to cloud more slowly than hoped [ITworld]
  10. Kevin Purdy: Your gadgets' batteries will die, like all things do eventually [ITworld]
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