Come home from space station, sit in a comfy chair

Video shows the Russian procedures for returning space astronauts

Because I live in the USA, the videos I've seen of astronauts returning to Earth are usually landings of the Space Shuttle, or earlier footage of the Apollo astronauts splashing down into water. For astronauts landing in Russia after a long stay in the International Space Station, the landings and procedures are a bit different.

First, you land in a field with a giant parachute, and then teams of Russians help extract you from your landing pod. Then you immediately get placed into a comfortable recliner, as if they wanted you to catch up on all the TV you missed while you were in space. Check out the video from NASA for more fun details:

The video says the chairs are to allow astronauts to "regain their sea-legs" after being in a weightless environment for so long, it's just a bit jarring to see the recliners and astronauts sitting there in the middle of a giant field.

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