Can math help LeBron James make 10 free throws in a row?

Khan Academy video discusses probability via NBA superstar

Khan Academy videos are usually very heavy in math, formulas and calculations, so it was interesting to see this video come out that included NBA star LeBron James, asking the question about the probability of James making 10 free throws in a row. If you want to find out, watch the video, or show to students when discussing why math is useful.

The easier joke/question would be, of course, "What is the probability that LeBron James will win an NBA championship?", but that probably wouldn't have flown in terms of the math. The more interesting question might have been, "What is the probability that more than 1,000 people want LeBron James to win an NBA championship?". OK, but that's probably just bitterness on my part. Also, LeBron - you're a gajillionnaire a million times over, and you use a crappy webcam or record this on a cell phone? Come on, man, upgrade to a decent camcorder!

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