Spotlight on storage


Google Drive review: Adding cloud storage to the mix

The new Google Drive cloud storage service offers 5GB of storage and some nice features, but it's not yet an undisputed winner.

NAS shoot-out: 5 storage servers battle for business

Five- and six-bay NAS cabinets from Iomega, Netgear, QNAP, Synology, and Thecus compete on speed, ease, and business features.


Can storage be sexy?

The most quotidian of tech products might still have some design flair.

How to avoid a forklift storage upgrade

Despite your best attempts to look ahead, primary storage always seems to go obsolete before its time.


4 things every storage admin should know

To get the most out of modern enterprise storage, at a minimum you need to stay on top of four areas: monitoring, benchmarking, application characteristics, and a shortlist of general best practices. Some of them are as old as storage itself, while others come courtesy of the increasing complexity to be found in modern enterprise storage tech.

The law of unintended storage consequences

Recent implementation and subsequent withdrawal of part of VMware's VAAI feature set illustrate the risks in the growing complexity of modern storage.

Red Hat Gluster, the cloud storage monster

If you haven't heard of Gluster yet, here's a quick look at what makes it different than most other scale-out NAS solutions.

What to ask when choosing a new storage platform

If you want to know what to buy, talk to people who've adopted the technology you're eyeing. Here are key questions to ask.

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