Android on Nintendo, another dual-screen tablet, and stupid Hulu concepts: your Wednesday rumor roundup

It’s time to clear those three coffee cups off your desk and catch up on all the rumors you were too busy to find on blogs, forums, and other sources of mobile rumors

Patent drawings for possible Samsung dual-screen tablet

It’s Wednesay morning, so you know that that means! Yes, it’s time to clear those three coffee cups off your desk and catch up on all the rumors you were too busy to find on blogs, forums, and other sources of mobile rumors. Today, we’re talking crazy Samsung tablets, networks’ crazy lack of understanding of what makes Hulu appealing, and a really crazy Android rumor.

Samsung going to give the two-screen tablet concept a go

Source: Android Community

Details: Patents, the second most exciting source of product leaks besides phones left at bars, have shown Samsung’s interest in a two-screen 7-inch tablet that folds into something like a Galaxy Note shape. It also includes a detachable controller or pointer, for … some reason.

Likelihood: Samsung seems to be throwing every kind of screen size and configuration up against the wall to see if it sticks. This one, aimed seemingly at business customers, is an interesting foray.

Get excited?: I’d have a hard time telling a traveling sales or marketing executive the benefits of a two-screen Android tablet over an iPad with all the right connectors in their bag. But! Let’s see if it makes it from patent to product before we snark (further).

Hulu to start requiring verification of cable subscription for streaming shows

Source: New York Post, followed up by TechCrunch

Details: Streaming service Hulu is under pressure from its network and cable content partners to require “authentication”–that is, making viewers prove that they are cable subscribers before allowing them to stream shows. Failing authentication, they could have to wait up to 30 days to watch new episodes, while cable subscribers would receive them the next morning. But it may just be early talks, and authentication could be a while off, according to one source.

Likelihood: Sadly, tragically, this is definitely something Fox, NBC, and others are pushing for, and have been pushing for with some regularity.

Get excited?: Why on Earth is this exciting to anybody except, maybe, the most short-sighted of network ad executives who have twins due to enroll at private colleges this fall? Who thinks that Hulu is really the “problem” that television networks need to “solve”?

Nintendo Wii U to include Android OS

Source: Many places, but RipTen Videogame Blog sums them up decently.

Details: Specifics vary from rumor to rumor, but the eyebrow raiser is the idea that Nintendo’s hybrid console/handheld system could include access to the Google’s Play Store for games, music, movies, and more.

Likelihood: If you’ve read any book that remotely involves the history of Nintendo, you know that control is perhaps the most key element of their corporate culture. They were the last to pick up disc-based games because of concerns of piracy and DIY game-makers. They tightly license and “approve” all games that end up on their system. Their early success, in fact, is almost due entirely to their ability to avoid an Atari-like market of cruddy games flooding store shelves.

So, no, the idea of Nintendo opening itself up to Google’s rather open and variable Play Store does not have much face value. Perhaps Nintendo might use a heavily modified version of Android (a la Amazon’s Kindle Fire) to power their screen-touting controller, perhaps.

Get excited?: I actually included this rumor just because it was the most likely to be wrong, or misinterpreted, or somewhat crazy. If you had money to gamble, I wouldn’t put it on the idea that we’ll see Fieldrunners on Nintendo systems any time soon.

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