Use Uber to Mariachi Bomb your friends on May 4

Credit: flickr/prayitno

On-demand car service provider Uber is offering on-demand Mariachi parties in San Francisco on Quatro de Mayo.

Yes, it's a marketing gimmick for Uber, the on-demand car rental service that hacked the city-regulated taxi cartel by making private sedan services available via smartphone app. Sedan downtime between trips carrying executives to and from the airport became prime time for side trips, orchestrated by Uber.

Since Friday is the day before Cinco de Mayo, Uber has hired three Mariachi bands and put them in three SUVs roaming around San Francisco. Connect through the app's "Let's Party" button, and for $100 a band will appear, play one song, take one request, and bring the margarita mix. You supply the tequila, but they will bring the pinata. Available from noon to 5:00 pm on Friday, May 4.

Fiesta time!


Marissa Mayer on

This is great! Viva la Über!

epharmacist on

Uber is brilliant at this type of thing.

pud on

Savvy marketing

Me thinks Uber's 5-year plan has them becoming an on-demand logistics provider, with black car service/taxis being just part of the business.

theDing on

May the 4th be with you.?

Andrew Girdwood on

The look on the guy's face as the band steps out of the elevator? That's one of my favorite things to cause to happen to other people - it's just plain fun all around.

Karunamon on

More fantasies

it would be awesome to get Antonio Banderas to do his Desperado mariachi role... :P?

Arnold Valentino on

Can you bring on-demand Irish Fiddle to Boston? Or On-demand poetry readings?

Andrew Farrell on

I don't care about any of this. I want Uber to improve their app and make their pricing more transparent.

untog on

How will San Franciscans combat offensive deployments of the Mariachi? Will this lead to retaliatory strikes of Chinese street opera?

arvinS on

If you're in San Francisco, will you do this? If you aren't in SF, do you wish this service was available in your area? If you're in marketing, how jealous are you right now?

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