Linus Torvalds likes the new Chromebook Aura UI

Credit: flickr/__karora

Remember Chromebooks? Netbooks tied to the cloud? Linus Torvalds sparked some excitement about a new interface approach.

When the Chromebook used in his kitchen as a family calendar updated itself, Torvalds found much to like in the new Aura window manager. One advantage is that now the calendar fills the entire screen rather than just a window in a browser.

It's too slow to use for development, laments Torvalds, but he applauds the ability to configure the interface more easily and the new app ability. As Windows 8 appears and tablets keep expanding their market, interface issues will become more important. Torvalds believes the new Chrome interface "really doesn't look that bad. I could name worse desktops (cough cough)."

Crazy for Chromebooks

Now I want the Chromebooks so bad. :|?

Ahmad s. Muhajir on

Personally I really like the new update, and I actually do use my Chromebook all the time (shocking I know!).

Taylor Marshall on

i've been using the first gen chromebooks since they came out and have to say that the UI is a lot better than before.

fady on

Still not convinced

The next generation Chromebook is what we are waiting for :)?

Paul Selormey on

As you say, and to Torvald's point, the consumer's perception of the value hardware continues to decrease.

G. Hussain Chinoy on

I remember similar things being said in the 90s. We'd all be be ditching Windows and running internet appliances and doing everything via the web and Java applets.

rpeden on


Yeah, I personally think a Chromebook needs to be at least sub $300. At sub $200 I think they would fly off the shelves.

Steve Best on

I kind of read it as "look at this, chrome book was designed for the most casual of casual users in mind and it's still more useful to programmers than gnome3"

jiggy2011 on

I have a feeling Google will announce some kind of merger of ChromeOS and Android for Android 5.0 at Google I/O

nextparadigms on

Is a Chromebook a tablet with a keyboard, or is a tablet a Chromebook with a touch screen?

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