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Q: My wife and I want to move to iTunes Match, but we are worried about one issue. My wife has a large classical music collection (she’s a piano teacher), and has spent many hours editing the titles of these pieces to make it easier for her to find a specific one. We are worried that iTunes Match will mess up all of these titles. Will that happen or am I being overly paranoid?

Fortunately, while iTunes Match seems to have problems with lyrics and artwork, all other tags are retained just as you set them. iTunes Match matches music by the actual sound in the files, using digital fingerprinting—it doesn’t look at the tags you set, such as name, album, or artist. You should be safe.

Q: I would like to sync my entire iTunes library to iCloud but I think iTunes Match is restricted to content I bought from Apple. I have lots of podcasts, iTunes U content and videos that I have created. How can I get these to sync?

iTunes Match is only for music, but not just what you’ve bought from Apple—you can match or upload any music in your library (up to 25,000 songs not purchased from the iTunes Store). As for podcasts, iTunes U, and other content, those still sync from iTunes to your iOS device as they always have.

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