Learn about Office via 1950s film footage

Dry how-to videos get a "classic" makeover

Normally, the "officevideos YouTube channel, operated by Microsoft, is a bunch of how-to videos, letting viewers learn a particular trick or feature of the software. Pretty standard stuff, but I think they're starting to jazz up the videos with more interesting content, as seen in this video. In it, we see a 1950s-style film where a daughter is asking her parents if a certain boy can ask her to the prom. From there it gets odd.

I can't say yet whether this approach to getting people to learn about Office features will work - after they switched to the "how to" portion, I got lost again. But maybe that was because I kept wondering why Microsoft was doing this.

Here's another video they've done as part of their "Office Classics" series - this time, a teen-aged boy learns out to put video into his PowerPoint presentation:

We'll keep monitoring these to see if they continue with these styles.

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