Moving from CouchDB to MySQL, or vice versa

Sauce Labs decided they needed to dump CouchDB and move to MySQL. Two years ago, a different blog detailed how and why to move from MySQL to CouchDB.

It all depends on what you need for your application. If you go the wrong direction at the start, or your app needs change, moving from one platform to another becomes necessary. Sauce Labs looked to get away from MySQL and embraced CouchDB back in 2008. But performance and maintenance issues dogged them, so they made the jump to MySQL.

Till Klampaeckel, on his blog, wrote a two part series going the other direction. CouchDB comes with most Linux and Unix distributions. Easy interfacing with PHP makes it handy for website use, and CouchDB offers document-oriented management and storage without schemas.

MySQL fans

We almost made the mistake of using CouchDB at the beginning, we dodged the bullet right off the start and used MySQL.

Mike Curry on

A properly normalized and "constrained" database prevents data loss from stupid mistakes.

johnbender on

CouchDB fans

When we decided on CouchDB, the decision was heavily influenced by the native map reduce views. Being a xoogler, I was used to map reduce and the calculation needs when computing shopper profiles is very suited to map reduce.

Kunt O. Hellan on

CouchDB has some features that other databases don't have: a continuous changes feed, REST interface, master-to-master replication, a web interface to the data and management (Futon).

rdtsc on

document oriented stores are not for every use case, but HTTP REST and JSON are very attractive

Martin on

Fans of MySQL alternatives

So why did you go back to MySQL instead of moving to PostgreSQL?

Jason on

But...I think a LOT of people are really missing out by passing over Riak.

nirvana on

We are using InnoDB for more than 8 years – never lose a single bit of data, unplanned downtime is almost zero, this is just unbelievable!

Jack8 on

What I really don't get is not using mongo.

vccarvalho on

Does this story show no development tool is perfect for every application, or that programmers are never satisfied?

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