Dish Network DVR will now 'Auto-Hop' commercials

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Replays of the major network shows during primetime will automatically "hop" over commercials.

Announced at CES, Dish Network's Hopper and Joey multiroom DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) can be set to grab all three hours of every show on the four major networks, called PrimeTime Anytime. Timeshifting has become the new normal. Add in the commercial Auto-Hop, and couch potatoes everywhere should rejoice.

Currently, Dish DVR users have to skip commercials manually, a dance of about seven button pushes for every break (forward, forward, forward, forward, too far, back, back, too far, forward). Is that aggravation during TV time enough to make people pay extra for the Hopper DVR? For some, probably yes. But the advertising industry promises doom and gloom, even though TV advertising increased from $51.6 billion in 2003 (when the DVR became common) to $58 billion in 2011.


ReplayTV had a DVR with this feature to skip commercials long, long ago which I loved. (Of course, they were sued for this feature and eventually went out of business)

Timothy Vetter on

Auto edit out commercials; awesome. Wish my Tivo did that.

Jordan Lee on

I had a VHS recorder that skipped commercials years ago.

Stephen Borsher on


I pay way too much for basic cable as it is. And now, not only do I have to watch more commercial breaks, I now have to watch commercials during the show itself.

Scott McCoy on

advertising is the way programing should be paid for. And those ads should be mandatory.

Slim Pickens on

Sounds good on paper but I have a feeling it's going to stoke the fire and then soon we won't be able to skip them at all.

saintandrewsfall on


As a broadcast TV exec, it chaps my ass, and if I were sitting across from the table with Dish negotiating retransmission consent the price would go up thanks to this move.

The Monarch on

What chaps my ass is having to pay for "free" over the air T.V.

DustinWatson on

I don't care if the hardware shoots out money and have to subscribe to Dish TV to get it? No thanks.

Green Jello on

Now it's up to the congress and the president to introduce legislation to make it unlawful to skip commercials. They can do it in the name of protecting mom and pop tv networks and the other most vulnerable citizens.

Paul Cheney on

How big will the price increases be when Dish Network has to sign a new contract to carry network programming? Or will the lawsuits start flying now?

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