self-funded for $20k, now $70 million revenue

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Many want to hack education, but Lynda Weinman and Bruce Heavin did it back in the 90s, with their own money. They were profitable within a few weeks. never took a dollar of venture capital, which today is considered the lifeblood of new businesses. Constant growth despite an Internet full of competitors, and pirated copies of their own information. 200,000 daily visitors, who spend $25 or $37.50 per month for unlimited access (the Premium gets you access to instructor exercise files).

Focusing on how-to videos for Microsoft, Apple, Adobe, and Autodesk applications allows them to cover every angle. 500 courses on Adobe applications? Yes, strange as it may seem. But that type of coverage guarantees that every user at every level has a place to start and a path to upgrade their skills. Being experts (Lynda published one of the very first website design books) and passionate about education has allowed them to build their own company their way.

As a user this interview really makes me happy to be a student. Lynda has worked very hard to ensure that you get the most out of every lesson and I don't know where I would be without them.

Matt on

Will be joining as soon as next week. Its a must for many many small business owners out there.

Ivan E. Rodado on

Also has a great relationship with Adobe and Microsoft, being able to synchronize the release of their new courses the same day that a new product is released by aforementioned big tech companies.

brnelson on

I teach Multimedia Design Technology at a technical school in Southwest Florida and enjoy using my premium account and couldn't do my job without it.

JLH Studios on

the enterprise sales division which deals with corporations, educational institutions, and the government is having great success because there are no products that compare.

tmcmanig on

I know Lynda

I personally had Lynda as a teacher in the 90's. And I paid over $100,000 (not including living expenses) fore the privilege to attend the (awesome) university where she taught. It was a loss when she left to start what is now

Jose Caballer on

Lynda, like Donald Trump have focused effectively on two critical aspects: Focus and Quality.

Bulkish on

Take that, weird startups

It's nice to see some publicity for companies that aren't caught up in the "get rich quick" or "we'll worry about how to make money later" that is so prevalent.

Daniel Weston on

profits to investors may drive VC investment, but frankly, these "toy companies" getting funded and acquired these days are the equiv of in 1999... sad. go

Brad Murphy on

Getting into video tutorials early on certainly helped their success, but growing while competing with so many other options takes some doing.

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