Game of Thrones theme song performed by floppy disk drives

Travel to Westeros through the magic of the 3.5-inch drive

In the world of viral video creation, when you have a concept that works, the best way to repeat the success is to basically do the same thing but with a slightly different approach. Don't go try and re-invent the wheel, just add to it or expand. I thought of that when watching this video, in which "MrSolidSnake745" has a bunch of floppy disk drives playing the Game of Thrones theme song.

Does any of this seem familiar? Of course it does, because he's also done floppy disk drive videos to the themes from Doctor Who, Star Trek: The Next Generation, the theme from Superman and a bunch of others. When something works, keep doing new videos - that's the new mantra in the YouTube world.

If you're a fan of Game of Thrones, here are some other versions of the theme song you might enjoy:

I think the kazoo and guitar version are my favorites.

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