Foosball video game looks like it would hurt your wrists

Playstation 3 owners can play foosball with Move controllers

Most of my foosball experiences took place in my college dorm basement freshman year (and that short period where Network World had a table in the breakroom), but now it can move to the living room with the upcoming release of a foosball video game for the PlayStation 3. Using the company's Move controllers, you can simulate the wrist-flicking action that we've all mastered so well. Here's a "developer's diary" of some of the gameplay:

I'm not convinced yet that this will be a big seller like Skyrim or the Mass Effect games, because most people who really enjoy foosball know all of the bars, dorm room basements or break rooms where the real tables exist. On the plus side, when the ball leaves the table you don't have to go scurrying around the room hoping the ball doesn't roll under a table or couch.

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