Reasons tech stars job hop

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Engineers and programmers respond to companies that respect them. One way to show resepect is bigger monitors.

So says John Josef "Sef" Kloninger, recounting the exit interview he performed as engineering manager when a team member quit. "Why are you leaving?" "Because they have bigger monitors." But monitor size wasn't as important as the respect it showed to the engineer and how they value his time by providing better tools.

Another example? Email addresses. It's your identity to the world, and cramming everyone into the "last name and first initial" box betrays a rigidity unattractive to modern tech stars with multiple job offers. Culture comes from the top, and a lack of respect or understanding of technology and the people who power same shows in many different ways, including monitor size.

Monitors matter

And this is exactly why every single person at my company has either dual 30? monitors or triple 27? monitors (dual 30?s for mac guys and triple 27?s for the PC guys).

Kris Roadruck on

Places that don't skimp on resources which are a comparatively small fraction of salary (monitors, fancy coffee makers, catered food, etc...) are more likely to value their employees.

ajross on

When an organization has higher-than-usual turnover, there's ALWAYS a reason and it is ALWAYS management.

John R. Strohm on

Want to know if a company has good engineering culture? Look up the company's engineers' facebook and twitter feeds and see what they're saying.

benihana on

Why I hopped

I ask for a stapler. I get given a nasty plastic[1] bit of rubbish. It breaks after half a day. I use my minimum wage to buy myself a stapler. I learn to hate that employer.

DanBC on

I literally just quit a job at a very large company and took one at a startup for EXACTLY this reason.

issa on

One company, when I was hired, asked me to tell them exactly what I wanted computer wise-- I was quite impressed with that.

nirvana on

That's just silly

Maybe should focus more on learning and honing your skill as a programmer and less on fancy monitors and customizable e-mail addresses.

Jeff on

Simple: Don't hire people with a history of changing jobs often.

Gabriel Magana on

you're floating dangerously close to self-entitlement, and simple, pathetic whining.

steve8918 on

Let us know: what does your company do to show they value you, or how they demonstrate you're only a small cog in their big machine?

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