Google's Go programming language feedback

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If you can learn the basics of Go in a couple of hours, is that time well spent?

To find out, British programmer Ian Davis undertook 5 Weeks of Go and wrote detailed impressions. Yes, one can learn the basics of Go in a couple of hours, but does that time investment provide benefits? Davis says the language developers "have done a good job at removing extraneous cruft and boilerplate. The most obvious is the absence of semicolons."

Back in 2009, a Google TechTalk just before the release to Open Source in November of 2009 on YouTube named "The Go Programming Language," helped get the world out. Yes, vaguely C-like, and an experimental language, but aimed at "fun" programming if the process of writing the code and compiling said code faster makes programming more fun. And since no major systems language has come out in a decade or so, why not?

Go for Go

I’m using Go for a performance-critical piece of a project and I’ve found it very pleasant to work with.

taliesinb on

For the what you give up in execution time for what you gain... concurrency and garbage collection as well as a lighting fast compilation, it's a really good trade off.

kennethadammiller on

I love writing Go. Sorry, it's hard for me to be terribly specific outside of, for some reason, I'm very productive with it and I love the standard libraries.

drivebyacct2 on


I have not used Go; just interested in it.

Dwight on

Whoa, I didn't know about being able to import packages from a URL. That is pretty slick.

ssmall on

There are some things I like about this language, but overall, I'm unimpressed with it. I mean,? is this *really* as far as we've come in the 40 years since C was developed??

SirEdmundLoudmonkey on

I'd be interested in hearing more about the exceptions side. The usual derision is that some top level unrelated code ends up handling them, but that seems silly.

rogerbinns on

No Go

the lack of parameterized types is a dealbreaker for me

Ian Clarke on

Javascript killed/will kill? it all sorry

digerpaji on

Programmers step forward: have you tried Go? Why or why not?

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