Google Chairman Eric Schmidt: no screens for one hour per day

Credit: REUTERS/Jessica Rinald

Schmidt addresses Boston University graduation, suggests graduates turn off all their screens for at least one hour per day.

During that hour, "look into the eyes of the person you love,' said Schmidt. More than look, "have a conversation, a real conversation." And by screens, he means all of them: computer, tablet, smartphone. No electronic pixels for at least an hour a day will make life better.

But that life will be connected like no other before, said Schmidt, when back on the main thrust of his talk and the positive values of social media. He stressed to the graduates that they can be both "unique and completely connected" and that is somehow the "fulfillment of the American dream." And he said that people were likely tweeting the speech in real time, and they were.

Screens off

I am SO GLAD to see someone of stature remind people that they're human beings who aren't wired to be connected 24/7 like that.

bikefolder32 on

1 hour is not a big deal guys... There is beautiful life outside of Ur Google+ or Facebook neighborhood waiting

imranisb7 on

just realized... how much of waking time is in front of a screen (mostly laptop, tablet, smartphone or TV). Even in corporate meetings we have laptops / tablets in front.

Rita Khanna on

The graduates

Sad that for many people their entire social life is FB and Twitter to tell virtual 'friends' what they are doing.

KIVPossum on

Having people turn off their digital gadgets has become a real problem

vespachild on

Expanding that thought

Look into the eyes of the one you love - and we'll make sure their Google Glasses are beaming ads right back at you!

Galeforce10 on

"Take one hour a day and turn that thing off" Better still, spread real perspective by turning brains on.

lastpost on

His speech was largely about advising the graduates to open their minds to new possibilities and say yes to opportunity more often than say no.

kevinb66 on

Don't worry guys. Someone wrote a speech for him. He really didn't mean it.

LeatherRope on

Is completely connected at every moment the new American dream? Tell us what you consider the modern version of the American dream in a comment.

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