MIT scientists solve the Ketchup Bottle Dilemma

Researchers create non-stick coating for insides of bottles

I know there are a lot of problems in the world that need solving, but it's still nice to see some of the little ones get solved - like how to get all of the ketchup (or mayonnaise) out of a glass bottle. The ketchup people (yes, that's what I'm calling them) have done things like creating plastic squeeze bottles and the old trick of "tapping the 57" on a bottle of Heinz ketchup, but there's usually always some leftover ketchup.

Until now!

A team of researchers at MIT have developed "LiquiGlide", a "super-slippery coating that makes the insides of the bottle so frictionless that the sludgy goo inside just slides out like water."

The team has also demonstrated this with mayonnaise:

Check out more details of this development at this page. While we'll have to wait to see whether LiquiGlide is safe for human consumption (how much of this material gets absorbed by the ketchup?), it's still a fascinating development in the world of condiment consumption.

The next challenge for the team: determining whether it's pronounced "catch-up" or "cats-up".

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