Lego Batman 2 gameplay footage hits the Web

Here's a bunch of clips from the upcoming superhero Lego video game

Video game companies release a lot of gameplay footage of its future games, and for the most part I tend to ignore the footage. But in this case, when you have footage of a Lego game and a Batman game, I can't resist posting them. Here are a bunch of videos of gameplay from Lego Batman 2, coming later this year, courtesy of IGN Entertainment:

First up, an extended trailer of some of the faces we'll see in the game, including other DC heroes like Superman, Wonder Woman, Green Lantern and the Flash, along with villains like Lex Luthor and Cheetah:

Next, here is some footage of co-op gameplay while facing off against Two-Face. I love the screaming patrons running away from the mayhem:

Next we get a cutscene of the Joker escaping on a boat, and then the resulting gameplay of Batman chasing him in the Batplane - the aerial scenes are more like some of the flying levels in the recent Harry Potter Lego game, more so than the flying levels in the original Lego Batman - that's a good thing. Also, we get to hear the Joker speak:

In this clip, we get to see the beginning of a Harley Quinn boss battle.

After watching these with my Lego video-game-obsessed son, I'm pretty much getting this game on release day.

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