Cisco Cius, biz-only tablet, declared dead

Remember the Cisco Cius, a 7 inch Android tablet optimized for business use? Neither does your purchasing agent, and Cisco is burying their mistake.

Technically, Cisco announced "no further enhancements will be made to the current Cius endpoint," in a blog posting, says The Register. Leave it to Cisco to call a tablet an "endpoint" and make the marketing chore even harder.

Reasons for saying goodbye to Cius include the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) movement popular in many companies now, the high price for the Cisco tablet, er, endpoint, and the poor performance. The main reason? Any tablet not named iPad still has a steep uphill battle, and Cisco's lack of a consumer market, coupled with muddled Cius marketing, doomed the device from the beginning.

Good riddance

You have to see one these things in person to understand just how bad it really is.

Divergent Trend on

Predicted this would die. Mobile devices are quickly evolving and too much so for a bloated, non-innovative and slow moving ship like Cisco.

HotelQuebec on

At over $900, if they did see it of course they'd have sticker shock and not buy it. Result, no Cius sales.

Henry Wertz 1 on

just received 3 of this and let me tell you that performance sucks!! it crashed at first boot.

KakaShi on

I think it was telling that CIsco employees would usually turn up with iPads to meetings, rather than a Cius.

A Non e-mouse on

What seemed interesting about the Cius was that it was a radical new take on the office phone, a way to keep it relevant when other mobile telephony devices were really starting to take off.

Matt Eagar on

Tablet haters

Any idea that these are genuinely useful tools compared to even a simple netbook is just bulls**t peddled by people who want more shiny on the company budget.

M Gale on

I doubt laptops will be going anytime soon.

Squeaks on

iPad for the win

And yes, mine IS shinier than yours, the new iPad.

Anonymous Coward on

They thought it would be a slam dunk to compete with the iPad. After all, the iPad is “easy” to copy right? Just slap Android onto it and “presto” you have the tablet clone. Ha ha, see you later Cisco.

Eddie on

Tablet failure, killing the Flip video camera: when will Cisco learn to stay out of consumer items?

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