The agony of buying Adobe Photoshop CS6

Don't be in a hurry when you buy or upgrade Photoshop – your serial number may take 48 or more hours to arrive via email.

That's what happened to Pat Dryburgh when he upgraded from his Photoshop CS6 beta to Adobe's "Creative Cloud" as an option to purchasing the software outright. Expecting a typical e-commerce response time of a few seconds to a couple of minutes, Dryburgh found himself stranded without software for more than 48 hours. Calls to technical support resulted in no serial number, and no joy, to the point Dryburgh asked for a refund and is figuring out whether to upgrade Photoshop CS4 to CS6 after all the mistakes.

E-commerce error after error plagued Dryburgh. Adobe couldn't process his payment when he was using his Safari browser. Adobe has 30 years of experience, and can't process updates faster than 48 hours? And Adobe forums are full of other people with problems getting their upgrades as well.

Adobe epic fail

It is now Friday May 18 and I have no email yet from Adobe with my redemption codes. I ordered both Design Premium 5.5 and Production Premium 5.5 on April 4th.

James on

I've been trying to buy Creative Cloud for the last month. And frankly I've given up. I've gone back to Pixelmator.

coenhyde on

Adobe says that while I received my serial number and a download link to my CS 6 free upgrade, the download link actually won't be active for 24-48 hours because, well, because they did it that way. :-)

lfrazier11 on

Adobe in the last 5 years has now let go many of the core developers of their critical products and outsourced their key products to development teams overseas who were not familiar with the product or the fields of graphic design and illustration.

droithomme on


None of the links to any of the CS6 downloads work in Chrome release 18.0.1025.168 m under Win 7 / 64

Bill Woo on

For us who remain loyal supporters and subscribers it's just one kick-in-the-teeth after another.

BarlingMan on

I’m enjoying CS6 thus far, but perhaps you guys can confirm this – there are no manuals. Anywhere. At all.

Joel on

Business and e-commerce

I find it hard to beleive a company the size of Adobe does not have the process already setup to identify purchasers of the PS CS 5.5 who purchased it witin the free upgrade timeframe and generate the emails at this point.

iona64 on

I can assure you that every person he talked to during the order process was in an offshore call center somewhere.

jcromartie on

I paid good money for 5.5 and there is a new version out and I don’t have it. Not happy Adobe.

James on

Any particular company that has given you this level of aggravation when trying to buy or upgrade? Tell your story below.

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